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Gizga Essentials Laptop Stand – Multi Functional, Mutli Angle Portable Stand (White)

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Gizga essentials foldable laptop stand is your essential small work table. A stand that will allow you to access your laptop and work in an extremely ergonomic position without straining your back or neck. The stand is capable of holding all laptop sizes available in the market today with easy. The table comes with a height adjuster. So, you can easily make height adjustments according to your requirements. Made from high quality ply and aluminium for legs, the stand is suitable for work like typing on your laptop or surfing the internet. The stand can be folded making it easy to carry around anywhere you go without much effort. Style and Elegance: The product is stylishly made with highly quality aluminium for better usability. The finishing of the stand is made premium for it to look stunning from any angle you wish to see it. Portability: Extremely lightweight and flexible for easy transportation. Just fold the stand and you are good to go. The compact size will help you carry the laptop with you anywhere you go. Also, the table is made highly sturdy to keep it from getting damaged while travelling. Usability: Comes with stoppers to keep your device from slipping and falling off the table time and again. Extremely user friendly design that will help ease your work.

  • Height adjustment allows the Stand to be used by any one; The adjustment also allows for better ergonomics according to a person’s height
  • Made from aluminium to make it usable for all kinds of work; The table is capable of holding all laptop sizes available in the market
  • Usability in all kinds of table work like typing; The table give an ergonomic position for you to sit and work in the most comfortable position
  • Extremely lightweight and foldable nature makes it highly portable and easy to carry around anywhere you go
  • Comes with 12 Months of standard warranty
  1. niladri bose

    5 out of 5

    I have used many coolers-cum-Laptop stands so far. Most of them are still live, albeit, with a missing or broken part here and there. This product is a vast improvement in terms of design and material.Made of heavy-duty plastic and silicone it provides relief to people with cervical spondylosis and other postural ailments.It corrects your posture and lets you work on your laptop for prolonged periods. Plus you get to use the laptop’s native keyboard and tracking pad without any hindrance.Spare your spine and hands and get this stand. They deserve a lot more care!

  2. Nishant

    5 out of 5

    This is a very very good product and is definetely a must for laptop users.Pros:1. 3-4 angles to see the screen at eye level.2. Portable and foldable can be carried in a bag.3. Sturdy can withstand even the weight of a 17 inch laptop.4. Optimum price.How to use is written behind the box.I feel every tech guy using laptop needs this, this will avoid spine damage and posture damage in long run

  3. Ratish

    5 out of 5

    Bought this based on reviews, even though there were only 10 of them. Very pleased when it arrived this morning. Easy and quick to setup and its sturdy solid piece of kit.Surprisingly, there isn’t much choice in a similar model laptop stand. This seemed to be the only one.Except the delivery time, which took 4 to 5 days since ordering it (despite having Prime), am a happy user now that it has arrived.

  4. Nitesh

    5 out of 5

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     This is a nice product especially if you want to set up a WFM set up.Plus point -1) It can hold your laptop to a smallest angle possible means your laptop height can be maximized to match it to your eye lavel and the maximum you keep your laptop height using this stand the more space will be available on your table.2) It is good for people living in a small appartment having a smaller table for Work From Home set up.3) The price range of Rs 849 is also good.4) It is a good investment if you have start experiencing neck pain and back pain due to longer hours of working.5) You can buy two stands and keep two laptops adjacent to each other even in a smallest table. It was not possible earlier when I was not using these stands. This is good for people who want to connect personal laptop and office laptop simultaneously.Negative points -They could reduce the price range to 400/500 to make it available for students as well.Else I have not noticed any drawback of using this stand in case I will write the feedback again.

  5. Tanmoy

    5 out of 5

    The product is good, sturdy and useful. The reason I bought this was because i have a bedside workspace which is not too deep. With this stand you can adjust the space it extends behind the laptop because of the way it unfolds. With other versions the base is already fixed and thus the distance from the wall behind the laptop can not be adjusted after a certain limit.Some areas of improvement I would feel is if the handle can be made removable. If the silicone stoppers were shorter it would be great they are somewhat of a hindrance to typing. lastly it is not as portable as the metallic foldable ones, so its a little difficult t carry in small laptop bags.

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